The BRLA 'Best Landlord' Accreditation Scheme


Accredited Landlords

Please note that this is not the complete list as several members do not wish to have their names published
* Indicates members who also have Accredited Properties
David & Susan Adams    *
Dawn Asquith    *
Patricia Ball
Peter Barker
Steven Barlow - Design Development
Jonathan Bemrose - Holly Property Development Limited    *
Gary Birkinshaw
Pat and Keith Blackburn    *
Mark Box
Geoffrey Burton
Lynne Carroll
John Crossland - J and J Crossland Property Rentals
Janice Edwards-Brown
John Eid
Hilary Frances
Dawn Gemmell    *
Colin Gough
Chris Greasley
Lee Green
Jane Hamilton   *
Derek Harding
Martin Himsworth
Ricky Hodgson - In-Line Properties    *
Dianne Holderness
Adrian Jeffries and Michelle Eid
Tom Lee
Alan Littlewood
Mike Mallinder - M and A Developments
Andrew Manley - A C M Construction    *
Peter Medlam    *  
Kevin Monteith
Raymond Newton
Harshad Patel
Sarah Jane Pattison and Andrew Hirst
Steve Newby - Newby Property Rentals    *
Eileen Parry - PEP Properties    *
Elizabeth Payne    *
Christopher Peace - Redmire Property Limited
John and Jenny Pearson
Alan Robinson - Alan Robinson Photography
Shelley Royce    *
Gary Shaw
Rubena Sherrill - Sherrill Estate
Vikki and John Skipper
Haydn Spedding - H R S Spedding    *
Robert Spedding - Cliffhill Properties Limited    *
Nigel Swift - MDLJ Properties
Duncan and Julie Waller
Richard Wilde
Emma Wolff    *
Jayne Wragg    *

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