The Committee

The BRLA  is run for the benefit of its Landlord members. The Committee, consisting of elected members, works towards maintaining the integrity of the Association and keeping its members up to date with best practices and new legislation as these become available.

The elected committee for 2014-2015 are:
Chairman Haydn Spedding
Vice Chairman David M Adams
Secretary Liz Payne
Treasurer Susan Adams
Membership Secretary Dianne Holderness
Accreditation and Website  Shelley Royce
Steven Barlow
Dawn Gemmell
Jane Hamilton
Ricky Hodgson
Steve Newby

Committee meetings are called and held on a regular basis but more particularly when any matter arises that materially affects the efficient functioning of our Association.

All members of the committee are subjected to re-election at the Annual General Meeting which is normally held in early April.

In accordance with correct and accepted good practice protocol, all committee meetings are properly conducted and minutes taken to record the business transacted.  These minutes are available to the membership on request.

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